Using Federal Funding to Improve School Facilities HVAC Systems

In this episode, Chairman Tom Roberts discusses the new Federal Stimulus Relief funding. The bill that was passed in December to help improve School Facilities including their Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. This includes opportunities for Indoor Air Quality.

He discusses how to help your customer apply for this funding so they can utilize it to pay for your services and expertise. There are also recommendations for how to map your proposal. This includes key areas of concerns for the schools as well as product recommendations. The cfm team is happy to help you customize these proposals to fit your customer’s needs.

For more information you can reach out to your TM at cfm Distributors, Inc. or you can reach out to the

You can always reach us by phone at 816-842-5400 or visit us at and check out the HVAC resource center for more helpful information!

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