Say “HELLO” to a Smart Thermostat

Now that summer is heating up, homeowners are thinking about keeping cool and saving money offering them a smart thermostat is a great solution for both. Consumers have become increasingly aware and interested in smart thermostats due to its attractive features and benefits, as well as successful track record. The Wi-Fi thermostat has become the gateway to smart home technology for many homeowners and who can blame them smart thermostats offer a very attractive value proposition.

Wi-Fi Support

The increasing demand for Wi-Fi enabled home automation devices like the smart thermostat is driving fast-paced market growth that is producing more and more options to support Wi-Fi functionality, convenience, energy savings, usability and aesthetics homeowners are seeking. This is a great time for HVAC contractors to focus around targeting these needs and exceeding them by offering homeowners smart thermostat options.

Remotely Programmable Thermostat

The market is moving away from basic programmable and non-programmable thermostats whose only options are to raise, lower or hold the temp and set a temperature schedule for the week. Smart thermostats offer a whole new level of energy savings, looks, features, and peace of mind for homeowners. Increasing Consumer understanding, interest and excitement around smart thermostats should be equally exciting for HVAC contractors — as this smart age provides a great opportunity to increase profitability and offer consumers a smarter and easier product to use.

Best of Smart

Smart thermostats carry many additional benefits and features besides just setting the temperature of the home.   A few of my favorite benefits to having a smart thermostat installed are, Remote Sensors, Geofencing, Intuitive App’s, and being able to synchronize with various virtual personal assistance devices.

being able to synchronize with various virtual personal assistance devices

Remote sensors
This ability can determine the occupancy of the room with thermal proximity and/or IR motion detection. This, in turn, will help the unit in delivering the right temperature on a room-by-room basis.
A unique feature that works in junction with the homeowner’s smartphone, which allows for owners to set boundaries around the home to know. This allows the system to detect when the owner is away and to put the system into an energy savings away mode. It will also makes it possible to recognize when the homeowner is returning home, at which time the system can bring the climate controlled space back to the normal desired temp.
Intuitive App’s
Some newer smart thermostats now work with Apple’s HomeKit, among many other smart home systems. This ability allows the user to change the desired temperature and settings remotely along with managing other smart devices in their home from a single mobile app.
Hey Alexa
Smart thermostats are even beyond just being touch screen now; today, you can find virtual assistant technology such as, Alexa, Amazon’s built in voice control technology. Allowing a more interactive control than your traditional dial.

The Whole Home Voice:


Installation of a smart thermostats is a breeze

Installation of a smart thermostats is a breeze, really all that is required is a screwdriver and about half an hour of your time. Some manufactures have even gone a step further by offering a built-in level to make centering and squaring the thermostat even easier. Most smart thermostats in the market come equipped with an on-screen setup menu that asks a series of simple questions and can be completed in just a few minutes. Providing HVAC contractors with less job time and easier startups.

Wrap up

Now that you know a little more about smart thermostats and where the future of thermostats is headed don’t miss the opportunity to be the first HVAC contractor to offer these products to your customer base. Smart Thermostats add many convenience options while reducing the home’s utility costs. Let’s change your thermostat, not your schedule.

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