This commercial energy management controller will blow your mind!

When building owners and operators are looking for a control system that will help their rooftops and split systems run more efficiently and will save them time & money, they are turning to ecobee. Ecobee has a very unique way of simplifying the user experience so much, that controlling your HVAC equipment has never been easier or more enjoyable. But don’t take our word for it, here is what actual business owners/operators and mechanical contractors are saying.

Commercial energy management controller and user friendly mobile application
Commercial energy management controller and user friendly mobile application

North Heartland Community Church

Located: 4800 NW 88th St, Kansas City, MO 64154

North Heartland Community ChurchBob Allen, property manager of North Heartland Church in Kansas City MO, was not sold on ecobee at first, but once everything was installed and started up he couldn’t be happier. “We’re very happy that we have the [ecobee] system installed at our church. One of the biggest benefits is the ability to have multiple users gain access to the system to make changes. We have about 5-6 people at our church that have access to make changes, and can do so from a computer or their phone. Some of our staff even takes care of programs late into the evening when they’re away from the church.” Allen said with excitement. “We might have 10 different groups of people that come in during random parts of the year, and the time of day, week and month are always different. It’s great that we can makes changes from our house or when we are on the road. Just last week I was in Colorado, got a call, and [our church] thought there was an issue. I was able to get on my phone and figure out that everything was okay.” The million dollar question though, is whether or not Bob would recommend ecobee to another owner. “Yes, I would recommend this system to another business owner and would be happy to talk to them”, Allen confirmed.

Colliers International

Located: 4520 Main St, Kansas City, MO 64111

Colliers InternationalSteve Batterton, Senior Property Manager of Colliers International, is also another satisfied customer. Colliers, a full service real estate company with more than 15,000 skilled professionals operating in 68 countries, was looking for a solution for a couple of commercial properties in downtown Kansas City. “We needed a solution that would give us remote access, but we didn’t want to have to pay for an elaborate system that we didn’t really need.” When asked if they would recommend this control system to other owners, Steve said, “I would definitely recommend ecobee to other business owners and property managers. In fact, we are going to look at installing these controllers in other buildings we have.”

Secret Shopper

One of the business owners we interviewed asked to remain anonymous due to the nature of their business. But what we can tell you is that they were looking for a control system for their owner- occupied building, with parts of the building leased out to other commercial tenants. Here is what they had to say: “If business owners are looking for something to help their HVAC systems run more efficiently, and something that is user friendly, this is the way to go. We love having more control over what the tenants are doing with their areas and being able to regulate the use of their system.”

The cfm Experience

cfm Distributors, Inc. downtown Kansas City building.
cfm Distributors, Inc., is located in the Historic West Bottoms

At cfm we don’t just sell the ecobee control system. We are heavily involved from the design to system startup and commissioning. We happily visited each of the owner’s buildings and offices multiple times to help the owners make the decision to purchase the ecobee control system, and then to help them set up the controllers and front-end during commissioning. “Our experience with cfm was great, we were very pleased with them”, said Allen. Batterton was also very pleased with the service he received: “The experience with cfm was excellent. Very helpful. They took the time to train myself and our engineer. [They] always answered the questions we had”. And lastly, our secret shopper said, “cfm has been more than helpful. They came out multiple times to help train us and to make sure we fully understood the system.”

cfm couldn’t do all of this alone though. We needed help from our great mechanical contractor customers to install the controllers and to make sure the rooftops and split systems were operating properly after the installation.

P1 Group, Inc.

Located: 13605 W 96th Terrace, Lenexa, KS 66215

P1 Group, Inc.John Hilbert (Service Manager) and Sean Marconette (Service Supervisor) at P1 Group, a large construction and service mechanical contractor in Kansas City, helped with the North Heartland Church project. “The ecobee controllers are a great product. They are very easy to install, and setup went very quickly once they were installed”, said Hilbert. When asked if he would recommend this solution to another owner or contractor, he was brief but direct and declared, “Absolutely!”

Design Mechanical, Inc.

Located: 100 Greystone, Kansas City, KS 66103

Design Mechanical, Inc.Dan Brooks, Service Sales Engineer at Design Mechanical Inc, a large design/build mechanical service and construction contractor in Kansas City, helped with the Colliers International project. When asked for his opinion on ecobee, Dan said “ecobee has designed and built an excellent controller with a long, reliable and durable equipment life. The installation was very straight forward with a very user friendly setup. cfm provided us with excellent technical support and they stand behind their product. I would absolutely recommend this solution to another owner or contractor.”

Alexander Mechanical Contractors

Located: 4251 N Kentucky Ave, Kansas City, MO 64161

Alexander Mechanical ContractorsPaul Wilson, Service Manager at Alexander Mechanical Contractors, a large construction and design/build mechanical contractor in Kansas City, helped with our anonymous mystery shopper. “Ecobee is a very cost effective control option for HVAC controls,” Wilson said. “[The controllers] were really easy to install, and the manufacturer’s support team was knowledgeable and helpful.” Wilson went on to say, “The support we received from Travis Hunt was top notch. He quickly responded and provided us with what we needed.” When asked if Wilson would recommend ecobee to another owner or contractor, his response was a resounding, “Yes.”

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