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Today’s residential HVAC replacement system buyers come in all flavors, but what we find is that most of them are looking first and foremost for a contractor that they trust. Internet searches, word-of-mouth, and great truck graphics may bring these consumers to your website or telephone! From that point on, it is up to the contractor to identify what the primary purchase motivation is for the consumer. It may be continued comfort, fixing trouble spots in their home, high energy efficiency, ability to finance the purchase, or one of many other ‘hot buttons’ that will motivate the consumer to choose your company to install a new system.

For some consumers, the unanticipated purchase of a replacement HVAC system may be an unsettling financial development that they are unprepared for. Beyond consumer financing, these consumers may place a high importance on first cost of the new system. Some consumers default to ‘price’ because they simply do not know what is available to make their home a “comfort castle”. Once introduced to higher efficiency systems, indoor air quality features, wifi smart enabled control, or other advanced features, many consumers who started out looking for the ‘best price’ wind up selecting the ‘best system’ for their home. But some consumers are not able to afford the technology that brings these advanced comfort and efficiency features along. This is the truly ‘price-conscious’ consumer. While this ‘price conscious’ consumer is nothing new, today’s consumer demands many better attributes or features in their entry level purchase.

That’s where Guardian comes in! This product line is backed by Johnson Controls, LLP and cfm Distributors, Inc. We stock the equipment and replacement parts locally, and provide technical support from our factory trained technical support department to professional dealers who install it. Guardian products and designed and built in Wichita, Kansas so the consumer who likes to “buy local” knows that they are supporting engineers, factory assembly workers, and their families right here in the Midwest.

The sheet metal dimensions for the Guardian product are the same as for comparable products that we sell from York and Coleman, so there’s nothing new to learn about the physical requirements for the ductwork of these systems. The cabinets are robust, and the fit and finish of the products are pleasing to the eye. These ‘no frills’ products may be ideal choice for that consumer of yours who needs to save a little money, but still wants the services of a professional contractor like you to make the job a success! Who knows? That price-conscious consumer might be the same one who buys an advanced technology comfort system from you a few years from now when financial circumstances change.

cfm currently stocks the 4 position Guardian furnace – available at 95 AFUE, 13 SEER split system air conditioners, and 14 SEER split system heat pumps. Guardian is a product line that can really be the perfect fit for that entry-level system offering for your price-conscious buyer.

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