Customer Impressed or Not? YORK’s New Simplicity Smart Controls Get Demoed

Earlier last month, a few cfm Distributors, Inc team members helped a local mechanical contractor put on a 3-day customer appreciation event, and were asked to talk about “any new technologies or products from YORK”. The topic? It was a no-brainer: YORK’s NEW Simplicity Smart controls and Fault Detection & Diagnostics. The cfm team arrived with a YORK Direct Fit™ packaged unit, iPads, & laptops eager to discuss this exciting new technology.

Image of cfm Distributors, Inc. booth and employees Travis, Will, & Brad.
cfm Distributors Travis, Will, and Brad pose for a picture next to their booth at the event.
cfm employee Will is checking on a YORK packaged unit featuring Simplicity Smart controls and Fault Detection & Diagnostic sensors
Will with cfm Distributors, Inc. checking that the YORK packaged unit featuring YORK’s new Simplicity Smart controls and Fault Detection & Diagnostic sensors is ready to ready to demo for customers at the US Engineering event.

The reactions we received

cfm employee Travis with 2 ladies using an iPad to demo Simplicity Smart controls
Travis, with cfm Distributors, Inc., is showing the Simplicity Smart controls capabilities on the iPad.

I remember my initial reaction to seeing this new technology — I wrote about it here in, “Is the future of Fault Detection & Diagnostics really here?”  The future is here, and people were just as impressed as I was about the new Simplicity Smart controls and Fault Detection & Diagnostics.  There were well over a hundred building owners, operators and technicians at the US Engineering event that came through over the course of the 3-day event.  As people learned about this new technology available by YORK, a couple of the comments we received were, “Wow that’s awesome!” and, “We could really use that in our building!”.  By the end of the 3-days, we weren’t sure if there was anyone who hadn’t been impressed by YORK’s Simplicity Smart controls and Fault Detection & Diagnostics.

What Simplicity Smart Controls can do for you

iPad displaying YORK's HVAC fault detection application
Check on system status or troubleshoot anywhere in the world with YORK’s Simplicity Smart controls Fault Detection & DIagnostics on your smartphone or tablet PC.

So, what is this new technology? Fault Detection & Diagnostics is an add on board with temperature and pressure sensors factory installed on each refrigerant circuit. This allows a building owner or technician to view all of the unit’s “vitals” to assure trouble free operation or to troubleshoot the unit. These “vitals” include, but are not limited to, supply/return/ambient temperatures, superheat, subcooling, fault codes, overcharged/undercharged warnings, economizer details, and the list goes on.

Simplicity Smart controls goes where you go

This mobile web server connects easily to a system for viewing system data on your smart device or pc
The MAP Gateway is a rugged and portable web server which allows for the use of viewing the vitals of a system from anywhere in the world on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Oh, and the best part? This can all be accessed anywhere in the world with your smartphone or tablet. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?  Let us know what you think about the new Simplicity Smart
controls and Fault Detection & Diagnostics technology in the comments below.  If you’d like additional information, feel free to give us call @ 1-800-322-9675.  I’d also recommend checking out this printable brochure YORK has made available. It’s goes into detail a little further about some of the features available and how they work.

Now available on the cfm eStorefront!

Simplicity SE Smart Controls MAP Gateway

YORK MAP Gateway device sold by cfm Distributors, Inc. for Simplicity Smart controls and Fault Detection & Diagnostics
Order this Source 1 MAP Gateway for Simplicity Smart HVAC systems @
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