How to not get shocked this winter

The relative humidity inside a typical home in the Midwest in winter is 15%. Compare that to the Sahara Desert which has a typical relative humidity of 25% and it’s easy to see that our warm air furnaces really tend to dry out our homes and the occupants of those homes during the winter. Humidifiers are really valuable for increasing the relative humidity in our homes to as high as 30 to 60% RH, the ASHRAE guideline for comfortable indoor relative humidity. This guide will help homeowners, business owners, and HVAC dealers or contractors see the benefits of an HVAC humidifier, and explains how to not get shocked this winter.

The Value of Humidifiers for Homeowners

Improve Family Health

Humidifiers help families have better health. Lack of moisture causes dry skin possibly resulting in cracked lips, split skin at nails and fingertips and eczema. Lack of moisture causes dry noses which could possibly lead to bloody noses and clogged sinuses. Humidifiers increase humidity in the home, thereby reducing the risks for bacteria, viruses, respiratory infections, and allergic rhinitis and asthma. Low humidity in the winter increases the likeliness to experience the adverse effects of these risks. Reducing these risks will not only benefit the homeowners, but will also benefit any pets or plants in the home as well.

Home Savings

Humidifiers generally lead to lower energy bills because latent heat makes individuals feel warmer and humidifiers produce latent heat during operation. In other words, by adding humidity to the air in the home, homeowners can reduce their thermostat settings by 2 to 4 degrees F and still feel the same comfort levels. Outside the benefit of home savings through lower energy costs, humidifiers also work to protect items in the home. Because dryness in the air causes wood to crack and split, a humidifier takes the risk away from damaging any wood items in the home. This will leave homeowners feeling confident their woodwork, wood floors, antiques and musical instruments, doors and drawers will all be safe.

Eliminating Static Electricity

No matter how hard we all try, we can never escape the static build up our bodies generate in a home that doesn’t have a humidifier installed. Humidifiers help reduce or eliminate static electricity in the home. By creating moisture in the air, a humidifier will reduce the ability for static friction to build up. For homeowners this means:

  • Not having to feel anxious about touching a doorknob or light switch
  • Being able to interact with their family members without fear of being shocked
  • They’re protecting their electronics by knowing they won’t be pass any electric charges to their devices

The Value of Humidifiers for Dealers and Contractors

Practically Sell Themselves

Knowing the benefits a humidifier provides, homeowners will feel encouraged on their own to purchase and have their new humidifier installed before the winter heating season gets here. AirAdvice, a prominent indoor air testing company, found in their study of over 49,000 homes, that fully 47% of homeowners complained that the air in their homes was too dry. That means that one out of every two homes needs a humidifier.

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