Ductless, What is it Good For?

There are only two types of people in this world: Mac or PC users, MU or KU fans, people you drink with or people that make you want to drink, and those that do or do not consider hot dogs a sandwich. In recent years, I have found there are two types of HVAC contractors – those that do not use ductless and those that do.

To those of you that do not use ductless, I understand. When it sounds too good to be true we are all skeptics and hesitate to try something new, the HVAC industry is notorious for being slow adapters. You know what works, you have been installing the same equipment for years and we only continue to refine and improve it. So why use ductless?


Humans are creatures of comfort. We are usually more productive when comfortable. Ductless options can allow for increased comfort by offering zoned control, continuous operation by modulating capacity to the load requirements, and dehumidification from extended run times. For instance, the Daikin FTXS/RXS24LVJU can modulate down to 32.5% of its nominal capacity, or 7,800 BTUs!


If you prefer the racket of a window unit or PTAC in your room, ductless is not for you. If you need a quiet solution for a light sleeper or easily distracted office worker – ductless is your answer. I have had a contractor call and ask me if the outdoor unit was working because he couldn’t hear the compressor or condenser fan running outside (it was, by the time he got inside to check the indoor unit it had already lowered the room temp by two degrees). For reference, the Daikin wall mounted FTXS09LVJU has an output of 22 dB(A) at SL fan speed – 20 dB(A) is the equivalent to whispering at 5 feet away.


I have been on a roof in the cold and snow to startup HVAC equipment – it is not an easy process (for a salesman like me – I can only tell you how it should theoretically work ?). The best way to describe ductless was summed up by my service manager, plug & play. Installing a ductless system requires running power, a line set, and communication wire. You would only require two hands so you could hold a beer with one while turning it on with the other.

The only downside of this equipment that I can see is that it might run forever and not need to be replaced (I’m honestly not sure why we stock parts for them, they don’t break down)!


Now to the second group that already uses ductless – why should you use cfm? As a stocking distributor, we are your one-stop-shop to get everything you need for a proper installation. Can’t translate an installation manual from Japanese or Mandarin? No need, we employee three full time service managers that can! (Not really, but they can assist with any questions that you might have). Ductless systems are typically provided with HP operation, so the outdoor unit should be installed on padded risers or a wall bracket to keep it above any snowfall or condensate accumulation. Aesthetically, owners usually don’t want to see the line sets outside, so you can grab a Fortress line hide kit on your way out. And in case you need to brush up on making your own flare connections, just ask our full-service parts desk for a demonstration!

How can ductless simplify YOUR life? Why do YOU use ductless? The more you know.

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