Supercharge your home energy savings

Upgrading your HVAC system can be a wise home investment, saving you the cost of the new system is several years of operation. Choosing a higher efficiency system with a higher SEER rating can increase your home energy savings by another 30 percent over the minimum required efficiency of 13 SEER. You’ll enjoy the many new features available, such as; smartphone control, enhanced indoor air quality, and available zoning to control multiple temperature zones in your home.

But there is another upgrade you can do at the same time that will supercharge your home energy savings and add even more to your home comfort. That “savings doubler” is making the switch to high efficiency bulbs for your home lighting scheme.

While some people objected to early efforts to improve light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs and early LED types, those days are over. Today’s modern LED bulbs provide attractive light in the spectrum people like most (2700 degrees K to 3500 degrees K, or ‘warm white’ to ‘cool white’). These bulbs replace your average 60 watt incandescent bulb with 8 to 9 watts of energy consumption and have a long life for minimal maintenance.

What’s the secret? By upgrading your bulbs when you upgrade your HVAC system, you will be reducing your home energy bill for air conditioning at the same time. Why? The 51 watts you save per bulb (changing incandescent to LED) means that 51 watts less heat is added to your home cooling load. That translates into 173 btu’s per hour less heat generated. If you change 10 bulbs, and use them regularly, that’s 1730 btu’s per hour in cooling you no longer need to perform with your air conditioner. That’s a lot less heat to deal with!

That’s why a home lighting makeover might be a great addition to your HVAC replacement at your house this summer! For these and more tips on home energy savings, contact your local York Heating and Cooling Dealer today. Or go to for more information.


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