Simplifying Online Shopping Through Free Training

Did you know that cfm Distributors, Inc. offers our customers the ability to purchase products online?  Are you currently taking advantage of that time saving opportunity?  Take back your time, e-commerce ordering enables you to order parts and equipment when it’s convenient for your schedule.

What many of our customers don’t know is that cfm offers a free instructional course to help you get started.  Whether you are new to computers or a master of the internet, this quick 30-minute session offers you one-on-one time to answer any questions you may have about making your job easier through online ordering. 

Convenience of ordering when you’re ready is not the only benefit to shopping online with cfm.  In your 30-minute session, you’ll learn how to create shopping lists to simplify routine parts orders.  This is great for stock orders, truck lists, and tune-up visits that routinely utilize similar parts.  By creating shopping lists that meet your company’s needs, you will be able to order your parts faster and easier from anywhere.  Our online shopping solution is mobile ready, so whether you’re ordering from the home office or out in the field, cfm has you covered to make sure you can find what you need when you need it.

Schedule your free eStorefront training session by calling 1-800-322-9675 and ask for Ryan or e-mail @
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