Why Flat Rate Pricing is Good For an HVAC Company?

Flat Rate virtually eliminates all field pricing errors. Having published prices allows the tech to easily and quickly transfer the correct price and job description/number to the invoice in clear concise form.

Flat Rate gives the company a more professional image because all prices are published in an easy to read, concise and professional looking price book. The homeowner “feels” the professionalism in this document.

Flat Rate will reduce company receivables drastically because every tech can now bill AND COLLECT on every job because he knows the Flat Rate price and the Diagnostic Charge before he completes the repair. Techs will be expected to bring home cash, checks and charge tickets for every repair they perform.

The Flat Rate price can and should include the dealer’s cost for using a credit card. That cost should be built into the repair price. This allows the dealer to accept credit/debit cards, the preferred way of paying for most homeowners.

Flat Rate will dramatically increase Maintenance Agreement sales, thereby increasing company value now and in the future. Maintenance Agreements also create “Customers for Life”.

Flat Rate allows the company to charge the same price to every customer for the same repair eliminating confusion and overcharge issues.

Flat Rate can and should include travel charges, usually built into the Diagnostic Fee. This allows travel charges to be easily increased or decreased depending on fuel costs.

Flat Rate brings in higher profits for the company allowing the company to carry out its primary goals of excellent customer service, excellent trained service techs and better benefits for employees.

Cal Berry
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