HVAC Best Practices for Partially Occupied Buildings

In this episode of On Air, President & CEO Lauren Roberts shares some insight from a meeting of business leaders and building owners in Kansas City. The meeting of minds was to discuss best energy saving practices during the new occupancy levels of buildings due to the pandemic. She gives a low down on how a building’s HVAC system can be managed, upgraded or utilized to save on energy.

She also goes over plug and play options for controls that are both easy to install and set up as well as easy to operate for the end user. While these expenses can seem like a lot, Lauren goes over a change in tax code that allows the potential to expense some of these upgrades in one year vs spread out over 39 years like the law used to dictate. 

So if you’d like to learn how to save on your utility bills by leveraging the HVAC system in your now partially occupied building, learn about rebates & tax deductions, hear about plug and play control options that can be installed & operated by those who don’t necessarily specialize in controls, then please take a listen!

BONUS : Indoor Air Quality options that can be installed to upgrade the leas-ability of your building & can help improve the safety of the indoor air for you and those who occupy the building.

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