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In today’s world time === money, and if you’re anything like me, you enjoy it when you can save time doing anything – especially when it’s work related.  Here at cfm, we have recognized that our customers needed an easier, simpler, more efficient way to handle the ordering of products.  The answer to this is our cfm eStorefront online shopping platform.  This is the 21st century, the digital age, a time where the internet can save us countless hours of time each year; but you already knew that right?  I know, why else would you be here reading this article on our blog.  Well, in truth, maybe you aren’t as comfortable in ushering in the new age of technology as others.  That is where tools like this article, our YouTube training video’s, and a handy little guy called ME come into play.  All of these tools are here to help you save time and work smarter not harder.

At the bottom of this article will be all of the links you need to get going right away on your own with the cfm eStorefront.  However, following this guide should help provide answers to the questions you may still yet have on how to get started.  I will also post link updates to this page as new parts of the guide are completed.  If I miss anything, feel free to leave me a comment below, tweet me @cfmValizan, or send me an email @  So without further ado, let’s get started.

Requesting a cfm eStorefront Account

Our first step in getting started is requesting a new login account for the cfm eStorefront.  Not to be confused with creating a new cfm billing account – or wholesale account some call it – or our UPGnet accounts.  The account you are requesting will essentially become a bridge, linking the account you already have with cfm to your online purchases.

Where to go

There are many paths one can take to get started with their account request process, but the fastest and easiest is to use our cfm short-link method.  To request your cfm eStorefront account using the short-link method simply click here or enter “” into your browsers URL box as shown below.

This is an example image of the url box when navigating to access the cfm eStorefront account request page
Enter into your browsers URL box.

What information is necessary or required

Once we are at the signup page, we will be presented with a short form.  The most important information to be filled out on this form are:

  • Your name
  • An e-mail address you want your account information to be sent to
  • The company in which you which to link your cfm wholesale account with
  • The company’s phone number you work for (while not required this helps us associate your online account with your cfm account easier)
  • The address of the company you work for
  • A password question & answer which will help you recover your account should you lose or forget your password

The other fields are helpful information as well, but are not entirely necessary to begin the account request process.  Many customers will also place their cfm account # in the comment box.  This too is helpful in getting your request approved faster, but is not a requirement!  The example form I’ve provided below can give you a visual guide as to how to answer the forms questions.

This is a completed fillable form example for the cfm eStorefront account request page
Example of completed cfm eStorefront account request form.

Need more of a visual guidance?  Part 1 of the cfm YouTube Series, “cfm eStorefront Training Series” covers requesting an account — watch it @

Part 1 - Getting Started | cfm eStorefront Training Series

Finishing up your request

Once you’ve filled out the form, just hit the <request button image> and you will see the confirmation window appear that your account request has been submitted successfully.  Most account requests are approved within minutes, but can take as long as 24 hours to process fully.  Once your request is approved you will receive an e-mail – at the address you provided in your request form – with your new account information and temporary password.  This email will also contain further instructions on:

  • How to change your temporary password
  • How to use the cfm eStorefront
  • Important contact information for getting your questions answered
  • How to request your free introductory training session

Scheduling your FREE Training Session

Wait, did I just say FREE?  Oh those evil words which are so often tied to gimmicks and lies.  We want our customers to feel comfortable being able to use the cfm eStorefront, which is why we offer our customers some of our time FOR FREE to assist them in learning to use our online shopping platform.  It’s just good customer service, something we strive to provide all our customers as being top notch.

To schedule a training session with me, simply send me an e-mail @ with a couple times that will work best for your schedule.  Training is done remotely on your own computer, which is the best place to learn in my book.

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