DYK York doesn’t require suction traps for R410a?

When an HVAC system uses POE (Polyolester) oil, which is typical of current R410a systems, suction oil traps are not required* because POE is miscible in R410a in all phases (liquid, saturated liquid and vapor).

Just be careful sizing the suction line and make sure the velocity is > 1,000 FPM minimum on any vertical riser. That means if the compressor is two stage, or you are using an APR Rawal valve, make sure to run the piping selection at minimum capacity. 

Call your cfm Sales Engineer or Territory manager for assistance sizing your next refrigerant piping job!

*Note that this DYK is based on York’s piping application guide. If you are using another manufacturer, consult their installation and piping instructions to verify the requirement for suction oil traps before estimating or installing a piping system. 

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