Are you different than your competitor?

This is what we all strive for in HVAC retail sales.

Why would Mr. & Mrs. Homeowner choose me when most likely they have at least 3 bids and they are most likely confused? I gave them a Good, Better, Best offer so they can choose which system fits best into their budget. But wait a minute, didn’t your competitor give them three options also? And the next company gave them 4 options. And on. Now they have 9 – 12 new system options. Whew!

With potentially 12 options sitting on the consumers dinner table, how do they choose the right one for them?

Let’s start with the System Solutions questionnaire. This means you must dig into the homeowners needs, wants and expectations. Hot spots, cold spots, allergies, the wood accents in the house drying and cracking, finishing the basement, want a quieter system, overall comfort level in the house, efficiency or carbon footprint desired, budget, etc. These are all important topics for the questions you must ask. But wait, asking is not the only vital part. The key to success is LISTENING! Then the key is successfully communicating your System Solutions for their needs, wants and expectations.

“I wake up in the morning with a bloody nose sometimes on a really cold winter morning.” “Wow, Mr. or Mrs. Homeowner that sounds serious and like something we need to address. Would you like me to include an option to take care of that in my System Solutions?” “Yes, absolutely.”

Now, almost every one of your competitors will put a humidifier on this system but do they quantify why they choose the humidifier they offer? Doubtful? Do they size it according to the structure needs? Doubtful. Do they explain why they have chosen a 2-stage furnace or a modulating furnace to get more run time to keep the humidity level more consistent? Doubtful.

The key is being a counselor, teacher, informant, etc. The key is digging the emotion out of each of the needs, wants and expectation. Your homeowner has most likely done some sort of research on a new heating and air conditioning system on their phone. The information they perceive to be accurate may or may not be. You must be patient in your questioning, listening and your delivery of the proposal of your System Solutions. Make sure to show them how you considered their budget with your System Solutions. You can get 14 SEER out of the 13 SEER Air Conditioner with the appropriate matched standard ECM motor in the 2-stage furnace, as one of the options. Now you not only provide them with the solution for a great furnace to help with a more consistent humidity level in the house but you also differentiate your company because you gave them a 14 SEER system using a 13 SEER A/C which costs them less money to install than the competitor who gave them a 14 SEER A/C and a standard PSC motor in a single stage furnace. Give them the relief of knowing you are the right person and company before you leave their house.

These are just a few ways to create differentiation from your competitor and win the trust of the homeowner. You earned their trust, took care of their needs, wants and expectations, as well as listened and communicated effectively.

Good Selling!

Paul Harms
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