60 Second Design Tip Videos |Brad Telker and Hank Kutilek

Join our Vice President of Commercial Sales Brad Telker and Sales Engineer Hank Kutilek as they discuss their successful video campaign on Instagram and Linked In. In this campaign they share 60 second Design Tips and pieces of information that they know their customers are interested in and want to know more about.

In this podcast, Hank elaborates on 2 of his most viral video tips that reached over 10,000 people each! In one of them he breaks down the difference between UV lights and Ionizers and in the next one he shares some information on the ASHRAE 15 standard that talks about the RCL or refrigeration concentration limit for VRF systems.

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You can reach the Employee Owners in today’s episode with the contact info below

Brad Telker
Email : b.telker@cfmkc.com
Phone : 913-980-3454

Hank Kutilek
Email : h.kutilek@cfmkc.com
Phone : 402-415-4806

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