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York Commercial Equipment is currently manufactured with Simplicity SE controls. These controls are dynamic and versatile. An SSE Control Board can be programmed (in the Factory or the Field) for use in a Constant Volume unit, Variable Volume unit, Single Zone VAV unit, Fixed Variable (also known as Intelli-Speed), Reheat Unit, Split System Condensing Unit or Heat Pump. The control board comes with a Joystick, Enter Button, Cancel Button and Display Screen to facilitate programming in the field without a computer. This Tech Tip will help familiarize you with the programming steps for SSE Control Boards.

Factory Programming & Default Settings

New units are pre-programmed at the factory with default settings to accommodate unit operation as built. Every RTU is built with 3 sensors – Supply Air, Return Air and Outdoor Air. As shipped – any RTU can operate stand alone with the on-board sensors, or can operate from thermostat inputs. This results in flexibility when changing out a unit. Say you need to operate the unit immediately after the changeout and intend to operate from a thermostat, but the thermostat cable needs replacing and you need the unit to operate while pulling new thermostat wire. Simply set the unit to run on sensor operation. It will operate from its Return Air sensor until you connect the thermostat. Communication (BacNet, N2, Modbus, etc) is also available for BAS operation.

The Unit Control Board

The Unit Control Board communicates with the Economizer via the SA Bus, thus all programming is done through the Unit Control Board, making economizer setup very simple.

To program from the front of the board, use the joystick to scroll down to the desired menu option. With the cursor (>) in front of the desired option, press the enter button. Use the joystick to scroll to the next required option and again hit enter. Once you get to the desired setting, move the joystick sideways to change information while the display is flashing. Hit enter to save the information. The attached points lists are divided into sections for ease of finding information and navigating the control to make changes.

Example: Details > Control > Econ > Setup > Econ-MinPos

This shows the pathway in to change the economizer minimum position setting.

programming options

Use the example scenario & programming guide below as a reference while replacing a Unit Control Board.

A control board needs to be replaced in an existing unit.

  1. Available if the board is powered and displaying information on the screen.(Best Option)
    1. Plug a flash drive into the USB Port on the front of the control board in the unit.
    2. Using the attached points list, navigate to Update > Backup, and hit Enter.
    3. The current setpoints will be saved to the Flash Drive.
    4. Install the new Control Board and power it up.
    5. After countdown is complete, insert the Flash Drive into the new Control Board.
    6. Navigate to Update > Restore, and hit Enter.
    7. The original settings will be uploaded to the new control including Model and Serial numbers.
  2. If a flash drive isn’t available when the control board is replaced.
    • Use the ‘Quick Points List’ making sure all points marked with an asterisk are set correctly for the unit.

Not every scenario can be listed in this article, but the method is the same for any programming requirement. Use these Additional Materials for ease of navigation.

Additional Materials:

Quick Points List – Partial list of program points, for use when replacing a board or commissioning a unit.

SSE Master Points List – Full list of program points, for use as needed.

Sensor and Fault information


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