Is your distributor a leader in the HVACR industry?

Here at cfm Distributors, Inc. we are making headline news again in the HVACR industry.  Now, we don’t usually like to toot our own horn, but we wanted to share with you this special news about our own Vice-President, Lauren Roberts, and her selection to be one of this year’s TOP 40 UNDER 40.  This incredible opportunity is not limited to distributors, or President/CEO’s of companies. This is a recognition that anyone could attain in the HVACR industry.  Whether you are an educator, service tech, contractor, engineer or any other industry position, if you show influence in the HVACR industry, you could be potentially nominated for this award.

Deep roots at cfm help your business grow

Our goal at cfm is to help our customers grow their business as, “your success is our mission.”  Today, this still holds true; if your company isn’t growing, then how will ours?  We look to revolutionary leaders like Lauren to help not only guide our business growth, but be a driving factor in your business’s growth too.  When you are a customer of cfm, you know that you’ll have knowledgeable people such as Lauren helping you get things done right.  Some people have been in the HVACR industry for 5, 10, maybe 20 years, but Lauren has literally been in it her whole life.  To quote ACHR News, “Lauren is a third-generation family member at cfm Distributors, Inc.”. Our roots go deep at cfm to make sure you are receiving advice. Through the good and bad times, cfm has had expert members who have been around a long time in the HVACR industry.

Lauren’s grandfather, Amos Roberts, was an original founder of cfm Distributors, Inc. back in 1969, and her father, Tom Roberts – President of cfm Distributors, Inc., has been involved since the company’s founding as well.  Lauren grew up around the business, she began her cfm career in her teenage years and is, “passionate about staying on the cutting-edge.”  Lauren’s role at cfm has shifted many times over the years, but her determination never has; and it’s great to see her getting such recognition for it.  Today, one of Lauren’s top priorities is ensuring that our customers have a great experience in doing business with cfm.  This roll has led Lauren to spending a lot of time working to improve the industry outside of our own company—a value we all find important here at cfm.

Leaders in HVACR here at cfm Distributors, Inc.

Leaders don’t just stand idle and let everyone else do the work. Leaders work harder to set the stage for how things should be done.  When choosing cfm, you can feel confident that you have industry leaders working for you that are changing the way the entire industry operates.  You get top leaders in the Heating, Air-Conditioning, and Refrigeration Distributors International (HARDI) trade organization who are making impacting decisions for the greater good of the industry as a whole—the same industry in which you are trying to earn a living.  Lauren is currently the chair of HARDI Marketing Committee and is an active voice on the HARDI Emerging Leaders Task Force.

Interested to see how you can get on this list next year?

Here are some tips that may help:

  • Work hard
  • Think about the bigger picture
  • Challenge the way things have been done by looking at ways to do them better

This list is short and sweet, but people with those qualities will always stand out in a crowd.  If anything, those qualities will always help your business succeed, and should be the basis of how your company conducts business. So having a distributor like cfm supporting and supplying your company with parts, equipment and knowledge is always a good first step.

Attention HVACR dealers and contractors, cfm is here for you 

So if you’re an HVACR dealer or contractor, you need a distributor that has your company, and your company’s growth, in mind.  Contact us today @ 1-800-322-YORK(9675) or email our Sales Manager @ to kick start your business’s growth backed by HVACR industry leaders like Lauren Roberts – Vice-President of cfm Distributors, Inc.

So congratulations to Lauren Roberts – Vice-President of cfm Distributors, Inc. on your accomplishment.  We at cfm are proud to have you at the helm of our great company!

Read the original article – ACHR News

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