Heart to Heart Cold Storage

A 14,000-cubic-foot medical cold-storage facility to support Heart to Heart’s local and global health initiatives donated and installed at their Kansas City warehouse by cfm Distributors, Reliable Mechanical (Kearney, MO), Heatcraft, and U.S. Cooler.

Bringing all of these companies together to support such a worthy organization as Heart to Heart is extremely satisfying for me both personally and professionally. It’s gratifying to know that our effort will save lives in the long run. Kevin Morris, Refrigeration Director at cfm Distributors really took the ball and ran with it. He helped our great friends in the manufacturing and contracting world realize what a unique opportunity to serve this was for all of us. It takes someone like Kevin to put the pieces together and make it all happen.

–Tom Roberts, CEO of cfm Distributors

Ryan Valizan
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