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Using Federal Funding to Improve School Facilities HVAC Systems

In this episode, Chairman Tom Roberts discusses the new Federal Stimulus Relief funding. The bill that was passed in December to help improve School Facilities including their Heating, Ventilation...... Read More

Glycol Chiller & AHU Derates

Got Glycol? In this episode, Vice President Brad Telker kicks off Season 3 with an awesome episode featuring one of his latest Chiller Design tips. This tip can be...... Read More

Top Tips for Finishing 2020 Strong

President and CEO Lauren Roberts gives some great tips for ending the year with strong sales and great customer solutions. From financing, rebates and understanding how buyers are making...... Read More

Proper Phasing During Commissioning

In this episode of On Air, join Director of Technical Services and Training Will G. as he talks about a recent incident that offers a great learning opportunity. Proper...... Read More

Deciding on HVAC School

In this episode of On Air | The cfm Podcast, Territory Manager Riley Paulus shares with us his journey into the HVAC industry. From how he decided to go...... Read More

IAQ Update with Tom Roberts

In this episode of On Air, Tom Roberts gives us a summer update on Indoor Air Quality. As the consumer becomes accustomed to wearing a face mask and considering...... Read More

60 Second Design Tip Videos |Brad Telker and Hank Kutilek

Join our Vice President of Commercial Sales Brad Telker and Sales Engineer Hank Kutilek as they discuss their successful video campaign on Instagram and Linked In. In this campaign...... Read More

Why Do Compressors Fail?

Join us as we kick off Season 2 of On Air | The cfm Podcast with this episode about Compressors and the many reasons they fail. Two of our...... Read More

Customer Service & The Golden Rule |TM Cathy Tramposh & VP of Residential and Light Commercial Sales Paul Harms

Customer Service in B2B might be tricky but we have two of our own customer service experts to weigh in on this extremely important aspect of any business. With...... Read More

Service Manager & Sales Engineer Talk VRF

In this episode of On Air | The cfm Podcast, two of our Employee owners from completely different education paths, discuss how they ended up at cfm Distributors, Inc....... Read More

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