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2018 Show-Me Green Sales Tax Holiday

We are excited to announce Missouri’s 2018 Show-Me Green Sales Tax Holiday! The Show-Me Green Sales Tax Holiday runs from April 19th-25th. People who purchase new ENERGY STAR® qualified appliances in Missouri during the holiday will not have to pay STATE sales tax (4.225%) on their purchases. ENERGY STAR®-labeled appliances from cfm that qualify for
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cfm Tech Tips – SSE (Simplicity Smart Equipment) Control Boards

York Commercial Equipment is currently manufactured with Simplicity SE controls. These controls are dynamic and versatile. An SSE Control Board can be programmed (in the Factory or the Field) for use in a Constant Volume unit, Variable Volume unit, Single Zone VAV unit, Fixed Variable (also known as Intelli-Speed), Reheat Unit, Split System Condensing Unit
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York’s Modulating Heat Pumps – The NEXT Thing for Ground Source Contractors! What?

What do YORK’s new Modulating Heat Pumps have to do with Ground Source? Quite a bit, it turns out. Here’s why – Ground Source Heat Pumps were successfully sold in areas where relatively inexpensive natural gas was unavailable and the only alternative was conventional air source heat pumps utilizing electric strip heat as the supplemental
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