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How do you fix a humidity problem?

Humidity, the 8th wonder of the world, is a tough nut to crack. Unlike sensible heat transfer, it’s very difficult to measure its movement into buildings through cracks, doorways, and other openings.But, there are ways to combat these higher than expected humidity levels.Here are 11 ways to decrease the relative humidity in your space. The answer could be one of
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Are rooftops a commodity? Maybe.

Are rooftops a commodity?Maybe.But there is a lot to think about when replacing an existing unit, or doing a design/build job.Is quick and easy access important? Maybe we should look at a unit with hinged and toolless access and a slide out blower. Is comfort critical? Maybe we should look at more cooling stages and
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EER, IEER, SEER, IPLV, HSPF… What do all of these efficiency terms REALLY mean

EER, IEER, SEER, IPLV, HSPF… You have probably seen all of these terms before and never even thought of what the heck they stand for, or why you would care to look at one over the other. In order to look out for the best interest of the building owner, however, it is important that
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Airside economizers: Are they required on your project and are they a good investment?

Airside economizers are very simple in theory. Their function is to shut off the unit’s compressors and provide “free cooling” when the temperature outside is cold. Done, end of story. But trying to figure out if the local code requires one, and then trying to understand what type is required can leave you dazed and
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Should You be Adding a VFD on Every Packaged Rooftop Unit?

Switching to Geico may or may not save you 15% on your car insurance, BUT, adding a variable frequency drive (VFD) to your multistage equipment will do the trick! Okay, you caught me speeding- adding a VFD won’t save you anything on your car insurance, but it WILL save you or your customer money on their
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ARE YOU READY? Commercial Package Rooftop Unit Regulatory Changes Are Coming!

Welp! The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is at it again. But it should come as no surprise, right? Every few years we see higher and higher minimum efficiencies for all types of heating and cooling equipment. And truthfully, it’s the way it should be isn’t it? With technology doubling about every 18 months, it’s
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Customer Impressed or Not? YORK’s New Simplicity Smart Controls Get Demoed

Earlier last month, a few cfm Distributors, Inc team members helped a local mechanical contractor put on a 3-day customer appreciation event, and were asked to talk about “any new technologies or products from YORK”. The topic? It was a no-brainer: YORK’s NEW Simplicity Smart controls and Fault Detection & Diagnostics. The cfm team arrived
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Is the future of Fault Detection & Diagnostics really here?

Fault detection & diagnostics will make for one of the biggest advancements in the packaged rooftop unit industry in 2016. See what York’s changed here.
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