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How do you fix a humidity problem?

Humidity, the 8th wonder of the world, is a tough nut to crack. Unlike sensible heat transfer, it’s very difficult to measure its movement into buildings through cracks, doorways, and other openings.But, there are ways to combat these higher than expected humidity levels.Here are 11 ways to decrease the relative humidity in your space. The answer could be one of
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Why Buy Aprilaire Humidifiers?

Per Aprilaire, 94% of all homes in the US are in need of humidification.  The opportunities are endless if the dealer will just offer a humidifier on every sale.  Aprilaire introduced the first humidifier to the nation in 1953, over 62 years making quality humidification products for the homeowner.  A companies years of experience in
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How to not get shocked this winter

The relative humidity inside a typical home in the Midwest in winter is 15%. Compare that to the Sahara Desert which has a typical relative humidity of 25% and it’s easy to see that our warm air furnaces really tend to dry out our homes and the occupants of those homes during the winter. Humidifiers
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