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cfm Tech Tips – Compressor Failure at Startup

When a condensing unit or heat pump is assembled at the factory, it is charged with enough refrigerant to operate with a matching indoor coil and a prescribed amount of refrigerant piping (15 feet for York). The compressor contains the correct charge of oil in its crankcase. One of the basic characteristics of a refrigerant
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cfm Tech Tips – Troubleshooting Furnace Control Boards — Faults & Flashes

TopicsFurnace Control Boards – Faults 7 & 8 – Ignition Failure Fault CodesFurnace Control Boards – Rapid Amber Flash – Low Flame CurrentModelsAll Furnaces with an Integrated Furnace Control BoardBeginning January 1, 1992, all furnaces were manufactured with an integrated furnace control board, often referred to as FCB (Furnace Control Board). The FCB manages all
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Getting Started | A cfm eStorefront User Guide

In today’s world time === money, and if you’re anything like me, you enjoy it when you can save time doing anything – especially when it’s work related.  Here at cfm, we have recognized that our customers needed an easier, simpler, more efficient way to handle the ordering of products.  The answer to this is
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Simplifying Online Shopping Through Free Training

In an effort to help our customers save time and money, cfm offers free training for our online shopping. See how you can schedule your free training here.
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