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How Many More Sales Dollars Do You Need To Cover An Expense? | HVAC Pricing Series Part 14

Another Math Formula: Expense $’s ¸ Profit % = Increased Sales $’s to Cover Expense Example:You are considering adding a secretary to your business. Secretary Salary plus Incidentals/Taxes =...... Read More

How Do You Raise Your Prices? Part Two | HVAC Pricing Series Part 13

This article will discuss the most important element of how you raise your prices:  you must raise the value of your company in the eyes of your customer.  Your...... Read More

How Do You Raise Your Prices? | HVAC Pricing Series Part 12

We discussed in a previous article that raising your Prices is the easiest and best way to increase your Profit.  And increasing your Profit will allow you to have...... Read More

How Do You Increase Profit? | HVAC Pricing Series Part 11

There are only three ways to increase the Profit in your company. You can increase your Total Sales, you can cut your Direct Costs and Overhead Costs, or you...... Read More

Does The Right Price Cover The Financial Constraints of Your Company? | HVAC Pricing Series Part 10

The financial constraints of your company are simple: you must cover your Direct Costs and your Overhead Costs and you must have some Profit. If you don’t do these...... Read More

The Formula for The Right Price | HVAC Pricing Series Part 9

$2000 Is 62% of the Right Price Therefore: The Right Price X 62% = $2000 The Right Price = $3226 Critical Point!?! What did we divide the direct costs...... Read More

The Elements of the Right Price | HVAC Pricing Series Part 8

The Right Price Must Cover Direct Costs, Overhead Costs and Profit The Whole Pie Chart Below Is the Right Price The Whole Pie = The Right Price = 100%...... Read More

Include Profit, You’re Worth It! Part 2 | HVAC Pricing Series Part 7

In Part One of our discussion on Profit, we established that the successful HVAC companies strive for a 15% Profit.  But, in reality, Profit is not the same on...... Read More

Include Profit, You’re Worth It! | HVAC Pricing Series Part 6

Profit is not a four letter word, but loss is, and no one wants to lose money. That is why when you set the right price for almost any...... Read More

Can You Change Your Costs | HVAC Pricing Series Part 5

If determining the right price for a specific job you are bidding requires that you know the direct costs and the overhead costs for that job, how do you...... Read More

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