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DYK York doesn’t require suction traps for R410a?

When an HVAC system uses POE (Polyolester) oil, which is typical of current R410a systems, suction oil traps are not required* because POE is miscible in R410a in all phases (liquid, saturated liquid and vapor).Just be careful sizing the suction line and make sure the velocity is > 1,000 FPM minimum on any vertical riser. That
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Fan Types- Centrifugal, Axial, Forward Curve, Airfoil. What does it all mean?

The cfm Distributors Inc Applied Systems Group meets every other Monday at 8am for training. This training covers a plethora of topics, but a portion of this training is on HVAC design and application. Last month we were discussing fan types and we thought it would be fun to create a document that explains the
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