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Are you different than your competitor?

This is what we all strive for in HVAC retail sales.Why would Mr. & Mrs. Homeowner choose me when most likely they have at least 3 bids and they are most likely confused? I gave them a Good, Better, Best offer so they can choose which system fits best into their budget. But wait a
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2018 Show-Me Green Sales Tax Holiday

We are excited to announce Missouri’s 2018 Show-Me Green Sales Tax Holiday! The Show-Me Green Sales Tax Holiday runs from April 19th-25th. People who purchase new ENERGY STAR® qualified appliances in Missouri during the holiday will not have to pay STATE sales tax (4.225%) on their purchases. ENERGY STAR®-labeled appliances from cfm that qualify for
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The War on Steel and Aluminum

“What You Need to Know” The sky is not falling, I promise. Although many fear negative ramifications from the new U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, there are a few things to consider before you write off 2018 as a loss. The tariffs on imported metals took effect March 23rd, boasting a hefty 25% tariff
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