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cfm Tech Tips – SSE (Simplicity Smart Equipment) Control Boards

York Commercial Equipment is currently manufactured with Simplicity SE controls. These controls are dynamic and versatile. An SSE Control Board can be programmed (in the Factory or the Field) for use in a Constant Volume unit, Variable Volume unit, Single Zone VAV unit, Fixed Variable (also known as Intelli-Speed), Reheat Unit, Split System Condensing Unit
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Say “HELLO” to a Smart Thermostat

Now that summer is heating up, homeowners are thinking about keeping cool and saving money offering them a smart thermostat is a great solution for both. Consumers have become increasingly aware and interested in smart thermostats due to its attractive features and benefits, as well as successful track record. The Wi-Fi thermostat has become the
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5 ways to LOWER your electricity bill this summer!

When most people think of summertime they think of flip flops, swimming pools and beach vacations. But when July rolls around and you get your first electricity bill of the summer, you may have other things on your mind. Here are five surefire ways to lower your electricity bill this summer so you can focus on
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