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York’s Modulating Heat Pumps – The NEXT Thing for Ground Source Contractors! What?

What do YORK’s new Modulating Heat Pumps have to do with Ground Source? Quite a bit, it turns out. Here’s why – Ground Source Heat Pumps were successfully sold in areas where relatively inexpensive natural gas was unavailable and the only alternative was conventional air source heat pumps utilizing electric strip heat as the supplemental
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Replace a PSC direct drive blower motor

If you’re in need of a PSC direct drive blower motor or just looking for a simple guide on how to replace one, cfm has you covered! We’ll be using the Evergreen motor in this example, so the same process won’t apply for a belt drive blower. We broke the process down into three segments,
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What type of chiller is ideal for your application?

The answer to this question is pretty obvious: it depends. Since we are always conscience of your time, we will assume that chilled water is required for your project. Chilled water could be required for a number of reasons: a chilled water system already exists, the project is a process application that requires chilled water,
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